SR 04 – Controller for solar and heating systems

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  • Control of solar systems with one or two collectors, boiler, storage vessel and a pool
  • Communication: RS485 2 wire, MODBUS RTU Protocol
  • Automatic and hand control
  • Function against locking of the pumps
  • Function actuality of the measurements
  • Non – volatile clock
  • Alpha  – numeric LCD display

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SR04 is a differential controller, designed for control of solar systems with one or two collectors, boiler, storage vessel and a pool. SR04 also is applicable in smaller installations, including some of those elementsSR04 can heat the boiler from different sources – solar panel, electrical heater, boiler. Heating with energy from electrical grid can be programmed in fixed time zones. There is function against locking of the pumps, manual on/off switching the outputs, trial period, actuality of the measurements, non-volatile clock.

Number of sensors

With eight sensors, With five sensors, With three sensors



Sensor / Analog Input

Pt1000 sensor


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