MS2000pH § S450CD – professional pH meter with pH electrode

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  • Professional grade pH system
  • Electrode with flat measuring surface
  • The right choice for the food industry
  • The right solution for gels and emulsions
  • High accuracy
  • Automatic calibration
  • Automatic temperature correction
  • Easy operation
  • Small size
  • Automatic battery control
  • Programmable automatic shutdown

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MS2000&12PH_v2_2019-02-03 BG
MS2000&12PH_v2_2019-02-03 EN


MS2000pH / MS2012pH from the MICROSYST series of portable devices are designed to measure the activity of hydrogen ions (pH). Portable pH meters work with combined pH electrodes and have automatic calibration and automatic temperature correction of the calibration buffers. They can operate in manual or automatic temperature correction mode. The portable devices are available in two modifications – MS2000pH has a two-line alphanumeric LCD display, and MS2012pH has a 4-digit LCD display.

The small size and weight make them convenient for use wherever express pH analysis is required during operation or away from the chemical laboratory – in treatment plants, ecology, food industry, fish farms and more.


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